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Discover Your Life Purpose

Discover Your Life Purpose

The heart of the Discover your Life Purpose Programme is a 50-page guidebook that will lead you to your purpose.

Life Purpose Journal

Accompanying the Discover Your Life Purpose guide is a journal we have included for you to record your answer tot eh questions we pose, that lead you to your purpose

5 Minute Get back on Purpose Exercise

When life slips and you feel off-purpose, but don’t know why, my video masterclass on how to get back on track in 5 minutes is just the inspiration you need to steer you back on course, quickly and effortlessly. click here

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 1

As a special free bonus for acting right now I will give you a copy of the 6-step, Life Transformation Programme “How to Transform your Difficulties into Gold”. Discover:

  • How to use all your setbacks, troubles and challenges and use them positively in your future
  • How to use the constant stream of information coming your way to navigate you ever closer to the way you want life to be
  • The spells cast on you over the years that hold you back and learn how to systematically break them so you can achieve your life purpose
  • What to do to avoid self-sabotage when all the good things start to flow
  • How mastering your mind is like aligning magnets that bring all the things you most want to you, one at a time

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 2

Find your Inner Power with our “Be The Hero in Your Own Life” series

It will give you:

  • 5 hero enhancing tips so you can boldly live life like never before
  • Top Life Purpose tip from a TV chef
  • 3 questions that help you overcome the number one obstacle stopping you from having life the way you want it
  • 3 simple secrets that create momentum that makes you unstoppable
  • Quick and easy self-assessment – discover where you most need to make change now
  • 5 steps to making you bolder, happier and more confident

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 3

You will get yourself into the flow of money with this nifty “At Home” guide: “How to get on the Flow of Money Now. Packed with practical approaches to accumulating money for people who live with holistic values it will show you:

  • The steps I took to remove more than £2600 from my annual outgoings
  • How to build a pools of money that gives you security, protects your future and allows you to reach your dreams
  • How I increased my bank interest by 3%
  • How I get 12.5% return on my own money – before I invest it
  • What you can do to create financial security for yourself and your family

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift #4

The Magical Formula of Goal Setting is the ultimate, alternative way to set goals. This bonus will show you how to set and achieve your intentions while enjoying the journey and learning something about yourself that will serve you long-term.


  • The number one method for turning your life dreams into a reality
  • A 3 step process for setting intentions that happen quickly – including case studies
  • 10 suggestions for opening the heart and keeping it open, so life becomes fun and your dreams manifest faster
  • The 10 minute exercise for transforming the horrid or ugly stuff in life
  • How I achieve my goals/intentions, and have time to spare for enjoying the journey – a simple technique most people never think of!

Life Purpose and Amazing Relationships

The formula to finding your soul-mate relationship and keeping the flames burning, so your relationship lasts a lifetime. Here I break down the formula for you, so you can put your relationship on a level you previously only dared to dream about.

Life Purpose and Career and Money

In this masterclass I’ll show you how to create prosperity and move from an unfulfilling career into one that aligns with your values, plus we will discuss the important money issues you must conquer when you begin doing work you love

Interview with Life Purpose Best Selling Author - Dan Millman

In a 45 minute Masterclass with a Life Purpose legend ( author of 4 best-selling books on Life Purpose) we take Life Purpose philosophy as wide and as deep as we can go

Life Purpose and Raising Great Children

5 breakthrough techniques for creating purpose in the lives of your children – what I share in this masterclass will transform uncooperative, difficult kids into purposeful, powerful, honest children who respect, love and cooperate with you

How to Create a Life of Meaning And Purpose

  • What it takes to create a life full of purpose – most people who try to define life purpose skip what I’ll share with you on this webinar
  • The wisdom that effects your future – that you just can’t see – we’ll be exploring it… and I promise you, it’s not what you think it is!
  • How your ego stops you and how to stop it getting in the way
  • The Number 1 way to align purpose to what you want in your life – it’s easy when you know how

Plus, a whole host of previously unadvertised goodies I mentioned above. Watch out for these in your inbox!

  • Purpose stories to inspire you. I will reviews books that inspired me on Life Purpose and giving you the important take-aways in a nutshell, saving you hours of reading and research. These will be the stories of inspiring men and women who have changed the world through their purpose.
  • Brilliant inspirational insights into purpose. Because I have spent 16 years reading and researching this area of life, I have a whole host of information to share. I’ll be digging into my archives for you, and sharing my best and favourite information.
  • Additional resources I’ve checked out and reviewed for you, at my own expense. These will be recommendations of the highest calibre, not just because of their high quality trainings, but because of the results they produced for me. I won’t just recommend, I’ll review them for you and tell you the transformations they brought me.

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Neil Fellowes, CommunitySoul