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How to Discover Your Life Purpose With Neil FellowesHi, I’m Neil Fellowes and I am going to show you how to discover your life purpose and create a life filled with things that matter and have meaning.

I’ve spent pretty much most of my adult life (about three decades) – getting to grips with life purpose.

As you can imagine there was plenty of research – as well as trial and error – before I got things right and then applied what I knew and began helping other people and found myself in a position to help you with how to discover your life purpose too. 

Discover Your Life Purpose NOW
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After many years of working with Life Purpose I am now perfectly placed to show you how to immediately apply what I know and get great results – and all in a TINY fraction of the time, and for a TINY fraction of the money you would spend if you tried to work all this out from scratch.

But I have a question for you…

“How much is your life worth?”

The answer you might give is: “Everything!”

And that quite probably is why you arrived at this page… because your life means enough to you to want to explore it – to make it even more worthwhile and meaningful and to feel good about who you are and what you do. And that’s why I am going to show you how to discover your life purpose…

Most people begin to wonder about life purpose at school, mostly during a maths lesson (when you ask what’s the point of learning algebra or Pythagoras!).

Many start to wonder about purpose again after the age of 26. Usually this follows a divorce, significant relationship break-up, serious accident, the death of a close family member, redundancy or some other big life changing event.

Any one of those events – or several in a short space of time – makes you think about the meaning of life and its temporary nature.

We realise life can change in a heart-beat and what was once dear to you can suddenly be seen through a new lens.

Big global events like 9/11, the tsunami, earthquakes and volcano eruptions have caused people to stop and take stock, asking questions about the meaning of life, like never before.

Recognising how quickly life can change leads onto think about making our time on earth fulfilling and worthwhile and packing life out with things that bring us happiness and have a deep meaning.

Here Are Just 5 Unexpected Results When You Know Your Life Purpose
(But There Are Plenty More)

It’s interesting to note that linked to knowing your life purpose is gaining more confidence… much more confidence!

And linked to more confidence is…

  • attracting the opposite sex and more loving, longer-lasting, deeper relationships with partners, spouses, parents and children
  • earning more money with more ease – being in the flow of earning money while feeling totally switched on and stress free – is a real buzz!
  • being more likely to be seen as someone of greater influence. When you are clear on your purpose, people trust you more quickly and are more likely to do things you ask
  • having a stronger spiritual connection to the mystery and wonder of life
  • feeling stronger because you have clear boundaries. You know when to say yes and when to say no
  • You are also more than likely to live loner!

So are you ready to explore life purpose?

Are you ready to gain more confidence?

Are you ready to understand yourself better?

Are you ready to attract better relationships?

Do you want to earn more money?

Would you like to have a stronger influence on the people around you?

Would you like to enjoy the mystery and wonder of life more?

Would you like to be around a long time and live a fulfilling life?

If the answers to any of these questions is “YES” you are not alone…

3 Stories That Highlight Why You Need To Discover Your Life Purpose…

Andrea was 33 years old.

In 16 years she changed jobs nine times. She had two relationship break-ups during that time… and was just starting to notice cracks in her third relationship.

She tried getting married once. She’d even had a baby. She had a nice home. She had a lovely car. She often went out for meals. She watched all the soaps on TV and even went on nice holidays.

But she had this nagging sense that something was still missing…

She often woke up feeling empty. She sometimes felt that the day ahead had no meaning. She would often go for a long bath to try to get to the bottom of why her life felt like it had this void.

Simply put… she wanted her life to have meaning and purpose…

And what about Tim…

Tim had stuck with the same company for more than a decade, working in a call centre for a bank. He’d been promoted a couple of times. He was married, semi-happy, but often arguing with his wife for no good reason and he felt a growing restlessness.

For almost 8 years, he had felt like life was passing him by. He described his life as a rut and at aged and 35, he knew it was time for life to change before it passed him by.

And what about Vanessa…

Vanessa was 31, single, lacking in confidence and working as a classroom assistant. Since she could remember she had felt not good enough. She had not been out on a date for 4 years and was gradually gaining weight and going up dress sizes. She wanted to change her life, but had no idea how.

These stories are not untypical. So many people report that they notice something is missing in so many different ways…

Maybe you were out having a drinking, getting over an unfulfilling day at work, when after your second drink you noticed the gnawing feeling in your stomach…

Maybe you had just been out with friends. You had an absolute blast, but as you shut the bathroom door and stand in front of the mirror to brush your teeth you just notice this emptiness…

At work… at home… in life… so many people report they feel like they are trying to be happy…. trying to be someone, but they feel like they are just not feeling authentic…

And so many people notice these symptoms, but ignore them… or don’t know what to do about them…

But you no longer need to do that…

Let me show you how to discover your life purpose…

Who Else Wants To Be In A relationship Where The Understanding And Connection And Fun Increases With Each Passing Day?

How To Discover Your Life Purpose And Have It Create A More Fulfilling RelationshipThis picture is a snap of my wife, Jo, and I a year after we got married.

We’ve been together for more than 11 years and at the risk of sounding cliched, life together keeps on getting better.

But it wasn’t always like that…

Lets go back to February 1995…

Back then my life was awful. I had just survived a 14ft head-first fall, had two broken bones, 9 stitches and a battered and bruised face.


That’s when my previous marriage broke up. But that’s not all…

It went from bad to worse…

I fell into an abusive relationship, lost my confidence, piled on almost 120lbs and lost a financial fortune.

Do you think I wanted to know the point to my life at this time?


If you had an accident like that and went through years of hardship, wouldn’t you would want to know what the point of life is too?

If you had been abused you wouldn’t you want to know why you are going through all the pain and will you ever find someone who loves you as much as you love them?

If you had never settled in a job and wanted to change it every year, would you want to know how you can find work you love?

If you had been in a bad situation, but ended up in a worse situation you’d would want to know what purpose it all served…

And what’s more you would probably want to know how to change it…

For 7 Long Years I Had One Question On My Mind Above All Else…

I kept asking the same question day after day after day.

I wanted to understand the point of life…

I wanted to understand its meaning…

I wanted to understand my purpose and how it all fitted together with my kids, with money, with relationships and my work…

And the question I kept asking was, “What’s life all about?”

Like you, I wanted to know how to discover your life purpose.

It took me several years to find the answer…

Who Else Wants The Home Of Their Dreams, In A Place You Love With People You Love Surrounding You?

How To Discover Your Life Purpose And Have The Life Style Of Your DreamsToday, I’m fortunate enough to live in an amazing part of the UK, a lovely home in the countryside – nestled in the hills (The picture opposite shows the amazing view from our bedroom window last winter).

I am living here because I came to understand my purpose. And once I found my purpose it happened it was like a dream unfolding that I just could not stop…

It was amazing.

Today, I have a great relationship with my two kids as well as my wife. I put that down to knowing my life purpose.

All I needed to know were the answers to some fundamental questions that drove at a deep understanding of who I really am, who I need to be to bring out the best in my family, who I need around me to achieve my best and what I wanted to dedicate my working day to.

Simply… I needed to discover my life purpose

Can you see how important it is to know your purpose?

Are you starting to see how knowing your life purpose influences who you attract in your relationships?

Can you see how it influences where you live?

Can you see how it effect the people you have around you?

And what about money…

How you feel about yourself will impact how much you earn…

It will determine how many hours you need to work to pay your bills and do the things you enjoy. It will determine the car you drive, the home you live in and the holiday’s you go on.

And while money isn’t the be all and end all, it’s safe to say that if you could earn money doing something you love and find enjoyable, it would make massive sense.

Imagine… how confident you would feel doing doing something you have a passion for…

Imagine how you move…

Imagine how you breath…

Imagine how you take to people with authority and how people respect you.

Who Else Wants To Discover The Work They Were Born To Do… Fulfilling, Enjoyable Work That Pays Well?

How To Discover Your Life Purpose And Have A Fulfilling CareerLast summer we took our laptops on a one month holiday. Yes we worked – a little – but mostly we were on holiday.

I designed the business around the principles of what I wanted my life to be about, which includes a long holiday every year.

You can create this too by asking the important questions and shaping what you do, how you do it and where you do it around your purpose.

The way it works for me is that it gives me the flexibility to work anywhere I choose in the world (the laptop lifestyle), while serving people I want to help through my business.

Your ideal might be different to mine and that is fine because no two purposes are identical. You get to shape your lifestyle around your purpose as you live it day after day.

In fact, you make new discoveries that make life better and better all the time once you start discovering your life purpose.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’m showing you all this because I want to inspire you to see what is really possible when you discover your life purpose.

Are you ready to deepen the meaning of your life?

Are you ready to make life more fulfilling than ever?

Are you ready to live your life with purpose?

Are you ready to learn how to discover your life purpose once and for all?

Announcing How To:”Discover Your Life Purpose”

Putting together the ultimate resource for discovering your life purpose has not been easy or an inexpensive task.

In over a decade my wife and I have shelled out thousands in cash and poured years of man-hours, toiling – not just to discover our purpose, but to create the package you have been waiting for (where all you have to do is start answering the questions we ask you and then applying what you discover). I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort once you see what we are offering you.

The Heart Of The Discover Your Life Purpose Programme You Will Find A Guide That Will Lead You To Your Purpose. You Will Discover:

  • Why most people are asking the wrong questions about their life and what you need to be asking (and doing) instead. Your life will change the moment you start applying this
  • The number one myth about life purpose – you will be blown away by this
  • The 3 hidden obstacles that prevent most people from living the life they deserve and how to blast them away
  • 7 steps to change your life forever that you can use immediately
  • The Golden rule every person living life on purpose knows and how to implement it into your life – 99.9% of people struggling through life don’t know this

Next, you will get 5 masterclasses that show you how to use your purpose in every day, real life situations:

  • The formula to finding your soul-mate relationship and keeping the flames burning, so your relationship lasts a lifetime. I will break down the formula for you, so you can put your relationship on a level you previously only dared to dream about
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. In this masterclass I’ll show you how to create prosperity and move from an unfulfilling career into one that aligns with your values, plus we will discuss the important money issues you must conquer when you begin doing work you love
  • 5 breakthrough techniques for creating purpose in the lives of your children – what I share in this masterclass will transform uncooperative, difficult kids into purposeful, powerful, honest children who respect, love and cooperate with you
  • In a 30 minute Masterclass with a Life Purpose legend ( author of 4 best-selling books on Life Purpose) we take Life Purpose philosophy as wide and as deep as we can go
  • When life slips and you feel off-purpose, but don’t know why, my video masterclass on how to get back on track in 5 minutes is just the inspiration you need to steer you back on course, quickly and effortlessly.

“Proven Steps On How To Discover Your Life Purpose, So You Can Live With Clarity And Confidence And Meaning”

In just a few minutes time you are quickly and easily going to begin to create a life guaranteed to be full meaning and purpose. You will never look back again!

You are about to find out how to discover your life purpose…

At last! Everything you need to know to create a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life is already written for you!

But get ready for a shock. The proven steps we are going to give you in our Discover Life Purpose Programme is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

What you will be getting are thought-provoking questions that will inspire you to live your life to the full and be the best you can be.

Plus you will get over 4 hours of inspiration on how to integrate purpose into your life, so you create the life you may only have dared dream about until today.

When You Order Today

We are also going to give you 4 additional gifts because they will add value to everything you learn in the life purpose programme. They will help your life to flow and help you attract the things that have meaning into your life.

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 1
As a special free bonus for acting right now I will give you a copy of the 6-step, Life Transformation Programme “How to Transform your Difficulties into Gold“. Discover:

  • How to use all your setbacks, troubles and challenges and use them positively in your future
  • How to use the constant stream of information coming your way to navigate you ever closer to the way you want life to be
  • The spells cast on you over the years that hold you back and learn how to systematically break them so you can achieve your life purpose
  • What to do to avoid self-sabotage when all the good things start to flow
  • How mastering your mind is like aligning magnets that bring all the things you most want to you, one at a time

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 2
Find your Inner Power with our “Be The Hero in Your Own Life” series

It will give you:

  • 5 hero enhancing tips so you can boldly live life like never before
  • Top Life Purpose tip from a TV chef
  • 3 questions that help you overcome the number one obstacle stopping you from having life the way you want it
  • 3 simple secrets that create momentum that makes you unstoppable
  • Quick and easy self-assessment – discover where you most need to make change now
  • 5 steps to making you bolder, happier and more confident

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 3
You will get yourself into the flow of money with this nifty “At Home” guide: “How to get on the Flow of Money Now. Packed with practical approaches to accumulating money for people who live with holistic values it will show you:

  • The steps I took to remove more than £2600 from annual outgoings
  • How to build pools of money that gives you security, protects your future and allows you to reach your dreams
  • How I increased my bank interest by 3%
  • How I get 12.5% return on my own money – before I invest it
  • What you can do to create financial security for yourself and your family

Life Purpose, Life Changing Gift # 4
The Magical Formula of Goal Setting is the ultimate, alternative way to set goals. This bonus will show you how to set and achieve your intentions while enjoying the journey and learning something about yourself that will serve you long-term.


  • The number one method for turning your life dreams into a reality
  • A 3 step process for setting intentions that happen quickly – including case studies
  • 10 suggestions for opening the heart and keeping it open, so life becomes fun and your dreams manifest faster
  • The 10 minute exercise for transforming the horrid or ugly stuff in life
  • How I achieve my goals/intentions, and have time to spare for enjoying the journey – a simple technique most people never think of!

So How Much Do I Need To Invest To Gain More Confidence And Clarity And Live My Life With Purpose?

Let’s be clear what you are going to get. You are about to receive:

1. The Discover Your Life Purpose Programme – 7 Steps to discovering your life purpose.

2. The Discover Your Life Purpose Workbook, so you can work at your own pace and fill in all the details as you go along.

3. 4 masterclasses that show you how to use your purpose in every day, real life situations.

4. My 5 minute “get life back on-purpose” video.

4. You are also going to get 4 life purpose, life changing gifts that will work alongside the Discover Your Life Purpose Programme – deepening your understanding and helping you to achieve your purpose and more importantly the confidence and clarity you are searching for.

Realise that this programme could – and will – make a massive difference to you…


We know how important your life is to you and we know you are investing in the rest of your life here.

When you discover the difference this programme will make to you, you will realise that what we are giving you is priceless pieces of information… and all for less than you would spend on a couple of items during retail therapy!

If you were to set about trying to discover your life purpose on your own you could spend a fortune and lose years of your life. We have done the hard work for you, spending more thousands and going through all the trial and error for you. This means you can take a short cut…

We could easily be charging £1000 – or more – for this transformative information. But we are not asking anywhere near that amount.

In fact, your total investment for Discover your Life Purpose is just £47, if you act today.

The difference this investment will make to your life will be worth many thousands of times more than that.

We have priced this programme at a price anyone can afford, whatever their circumstances, because we feel that this is a programme that everyone should have.

But the reason why we picked the price of £47, is so that only people who are ready to invest in their life will step up and buy this. We know this because over the last decade when we give things away for free we find that the value in them is lost.

And we know that when you invest in this today you will look back in 10 years from now and see that this small investment made today created a profound change in your future.

Today, really will have been the turning point you have been looking for.

“Start Living Your Life Purpose in the Next 10 Minutes”

In just 10 minutes from now you will be starting to discover your life purpose. All you need to do is click the link below. You will then enter a secure server where you enter your credit card details. In a matter of minutes we will send you the link to the Life Purpose Programme and all the 4 FREE gifts we promised you.

So in just 10 minutes you will be opening the manual that will help shape the rest of your life.

It really is as easy as that!


You really Can’t Afford Not To
Discover Your Life Purpose

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can have immediate (and unlimited) access to “Discover your Life Purpose” right now. This means that you will find the missing pieces and that you will create a life guaranteed to be full of fun, meaning and purpose…

Get started right now.

Yours Sincerely

Neil Fellowes

P.S. Just think! You will never again suffer through the pain and hassle of hoping life will somehow become more fulfilling and worthwhile. Now, you can get everything you need to know handed to you on a silver platter. You simply answer the questions and you will be done in an afternoon or a day – depends on how fast you work… but go at your own pace!

P.P.S Remember you will get the life purpose programme, including all the guides, audios and videos plus the four gifts that will enhance and deepen your learning worth £149.00.

P.P.P.S Discovering Your Purpose gives you more confidence which leads to attracting the opposite sex and more loving, longer-lasting, deeper relationships with partners, spouses, parents and children. It leads to earning more money with more ease. You become more likely to be seen as someone of greater influence. When you are clear on your purpose, people trust you more quickly and are more likely to do things you ask. You will have a stronger spiritual connection to the mystery and wonder of life, feeling stronger because you have clear boundaries and you may also be more than likely to live loner!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can have immediate (and unlimited) access to “Discover your Life Purpose” right now.


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