When it comes to improving your life, your general health and wellness is a great place to start.

Many people think that health and wellness is just about food and exercise, but I’ve come to believe that it’s about a lot more.

In this article I want to talk about food and exercise and all the other things that play a part in being healthy and well.

Exploring Exercise

I was once obese and didn’t really fancy exercise. But then I also didn’t really enjoy that feeling of heaviness, like I was dragging a sack of potatoes around behind me. Everything was an effort. I felt lethargic.

I started to go to a gym, because I had join problems and they gave me some strengthening exercises, but to be fair, I don’t think the joint problem was ever going to get better unless the load bearing down on them was relieved.

If I’m honest cardio workouts didn’t work. I always felt burnt out – and of course my knees hurt after. Weights didn’t feel good, but eventually I did find yoga which helped me build some strength in a more gentle way. I then discovered if I walked after my evening meal for an hour I seemed to lose weight over a few weeks.

Yoga is quite cool. There are different types such as: Bikram, Ashtanga and Hatha. Exercising at home, I took a liking to Ashtanga. Some people like to find their own yoga teacher, while others like to find a Yoga class. A good way to find a Yoga class or teacher is to google search your town, i.e. find yoga in Bristol. You may also like to use a website like www.totalWellness.club where you can read ratings and reviews before you commit to a class or package.

I have to be honest though, once I lost some weight, built a little strength and a bit of stamina, going to find a gym made more sense – my body was ready for the next level. As with yoga, when it comes to gyms you can find a find a local gym by searching for something like find a gym in Bristol.

Gyms can be great, because there is a lot of choice of equipment, but it’s really worth understanding what your goals are when you go to one. A few years ago my goal was weight-loss, but now that’s changed. My goal now is more about power.

I have also turned to personal trainers on a few occasions. One of the personal trainers was at a gym, the other liked to work outdoors. Working out in fresh air is great when it’s dry, but not such great fun when it rains. On a sunny day though there is nothing quite like being in your stride with the breeze on your face and the sun on your back (or the other way around).

As with gyms, the best advice is to look for a personal trainer that will fit your needs. Again you can do a local search such as find a personal trainer in Bristol.


When a lot of people think of weight-loss they think about what they put into their bellies. What you eat is important, because it provides your body with the fuel it needs.

Many diets feel like starvation, because they are starvation diets. If you eat from a starvation diet plan, you’ll know because you will feel unwell, your focus will feel fuzzy or you will struggle to concentrate, or only think about when the next meal is.

Good nutrition is about giving your body energy. I changed my diet once and began to eat more than I’d eaten for years and lost weight. I asked my coach about this and he told me that it was because my body had been starved and I was now getting the nutrients it wanted to do what it needed.

I’ve also explored my DNA (DNA FIT LINK) and found that I eat too many carbs. This was an eye opener. I found that I was getting 95% of my daily intake of carbs at breakfast, so I then reduced the rice, potatoes and pasta, to cater for this – because I enjoy my porridge at breakfast so much and didn’t want to give it up – it’s really sustaining.

From time to time I’ve seen a nutritionist too. Each time I speak to a nutritionist I get more enlightened and learn something. I’d recommend speaking to one and finding out more about your diet and what you can do. As with above search for a local nutritionist using words like find a nutritionist in Bristol.

Clearing the Mind for Pure Power
When people think about health and wellness they often forget about their mind. You shouldn’t!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find my brain is a bit full. To help me with all the mental pollution I took to meditating about 15 years ago.

Personally I found meditation a huge benefit when I felt stressed. I also used it when I felt confused or uncertain. Over time what I discovered was I made my best decisions after meditation. At this time I was relaxed and felt at my best.

I also found that a meditation was a great thing to do after exercise. I guess the body had just worked hard, so a meditation would bring the body back to balance quickly.

I’ve found whenever I skip meditation I feel more easily exhausted.

There are some great meditations available, my favourite is Mindfulness Meditation.

Some people might like to find a meditation class, teacher or group. Again try a local search i.e. meditation in Bristol.


Down the years I’ve tried various therapies… to name a few… I’ve tried kinesiology, osteopathy, massage, deep tissue massage, allergy testing and reiki.

They were each different and great. Massage and reiki always left me zonked out! I must have really needed it!

Personally I feel it’s great to have a regular massage. Even just a monthly back massage can make such a difference. It can be the difference between prevention or pain and cure.

As with all my other suggestions, do a local search such as find a therapist in Bristol and go from there.