We want you to have the best experience of life you can imagine.

Neil & Jo back to back

Change-Makers come to CommunitySoul to find out what is happening in the change industry.

They want to know what’s new and be amongst the first to know.

They want to get to know the stars of the industry and discover what makes them tick.

They want to know the industry news and be part of it by giving their views.

Established in 2005, by Neil Fellowes, CommunitySoul has evolved from being a newsletter publishing some of the world’s top authors in personal and spiritual growth to running live networking events and later to running online events that teach about living a purposeful life.

Today, CommunitySoul main function is to bring information, stories and news to the change industry.

Everything CommunitySoul does is with one ideal: to help people improve their experience of their everyday life.

To this end one CommunitySoul subsidiary 7-FigureBack Office offer support to the change industry by working with authors, speakers and coaches to reach and help more people.

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