Are You Thinking About What You Want From Life?

family of four on grass with hands up and dream

Change-makers come together at CommunitySoul.

By change-maker we mean someone making a difference in the world. Usually these are people in the personal development or mind body and spirit industry.

These change-makers are sometimes authors, speakers, coaches and therapists. Other times they are magazines, publishers or event companies. Equally though it can be people who are the supporting cast – the marketing people, tech people and admin people. Whoever they are, they have a love for making the world better and are dedicated to having their working life be personally meaningful.

The change-makers gathering at CommunitySoul are changing the economy, changing what our children put in their mouths to eat, changing how we treat our environment, changing what we hear and see on our airwaves, changing how we treat each other and changing what we think about life and how we live it.

Best wishes neilsig Neil Fellowes Managing Director at CommunitySoul